Gene & GutBiome
Gene Traits
  • Explore how your genes might influence personal traits like musical ability, risk-taking behavior, and memory
  • Discover how variation in your DNA could contribute to your vitamin levels, caffeine metabolism, and fatty acid levels
  • Improve your digestive function and be free of uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, excessive gas, and inflammation
  • Learn what species of helpful probiotic bacteria are present in your gut and maximize their abundance

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GutBiome+ allows you to get acquainted with the microorganisms that call your gut their home. The diversity and activity of these microbes have a significant impact on health and disease. Gut microbiome testing eliminates the guesswork from your nutritional and lifestyle efforts to improve your health and well-being.
  • Learn about the diversity in your microbial ecosystem
  • Discover your gut type -what class of bacteria dominates your microbiome?
  • Reveal how your gut microbiome influences your nutrition
  • Obtain the full profile of probiotic organisms in your gut
  • Get custom, personalized dietary suggestions based on your metabolism and microbiome

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Reading genomes of 7.3 billion people around the globe.
An In-Depth Look at Our Products
  • General Q&A
  • Gene & GutBiome Kit Unboxing
  • Peek into our GutBiome Report
  • A review from a ballerina
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