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Knowledge is power. Learning about yourself through your DNA can
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How to perform the test

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    Collect & Return
    Follow a few simple steps to collect saliva and/or stool samples.
    A prepaid USPS return shipping label is included in your kit for
    convenient drop-off at any USPS locations.
    Don’t forget to REGISTER the kit before returning.
    Your results will be emailed to you within a few weeks.
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How to collect
Saliva Sample
Precautions during Saliva Collection
  • Follow the instructions carefully in order for SUFFICIENT amount of oral cells to be collected. This is not a sputum test.
  • Do not brush your teeth, smoke, eat, or drink any beverages at least 30 minutes prior to saliva collection.
  • Remove lip makeup and rinse out your mouth with water before saliva collection.
  • Rinse with warm water if stabilizing liquid comes in contact with eyes or skin. DO NOT ingest. Store at 2-30℃ / 35.6-86℉.
  • Cap choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children.
  • For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  • 1
    Stimulate salivary glands to collect the saliva.
    Make fists and roll them over your cheeks in a circular motion 20 times. Using the top of you tongue, scrape the inside of your mouth and collect the saliva (cheeks, behind the lips, and gums).
  • 2
    Spit out the saliva.
    Place the saliva collection tube with funnel near your mouth, and spit out the saliva up to the red line (exclude bubbles).
  • 3
    Add the preservation solution and close the lid.
    Take out the preservation solution and add the entire solution into the collection tube. Take off the funnel from the collection tube and close the top with the provided white lid.
  • 4
    Shake the tube for at least 15 seconds.
    This will ensure your sample gets mixed thoroughly with the preservation solution.
    Saliva Collection has been completed.
How to collect
Stool Sample
Precautions during Stool Collection
  • Do not open the kit until you are ready to collect your stool sample.
  • The swab should not come in contact with anything other than the stool during the collection process. Contamination may result in inaccurate outcome.
  • Check your stool type before flushing. Your stool consistency information will need to be recorded during the registration process for data analysis.
  • Please store at room temperatur and return the collected sample as soon as possible (within 48 hours).
  • Single-use only. Re-use may cause a risk of infection and inaccurate results. Do not use for any application other than intended use. Storage at 2-30℃ / 35.6-86℉.
  • 1
    Collect sample from your toilet paper or the Feces Catcher.
    To collect the sample, please choose one of the options according to your preference: the regular wipe on the toilet paper or using the Feces Catcher. If you choose to use the Feces Catcher, please follow the instructions on the paper.
  • 2
    Smear on the entire cotton swab thoroughly.
    Open the tube by twisting and pulling. Small smear is enough. No lumps should be captured on the swab. It is important not to overload or underload your sample.
  • 3
    Seal the collection tube.
    The swab should be placed immediately back into the tube without touching any other surface. Firmly close the tube until you hear it click.
    Stool Collection has been completed.
Packing & Shipping
  • 1
    Remember to register the kit before returning the samples.
    Visit the following website and register your kit: mypsomagen.com.
    You will need the barcodes (on box) and prepaid USPS tracking number attached to Air Mail Bag.
  • 2
    Place samples in respective Biohazard Bags.
    Place Saliva Collection inside one Biohazard Bag and seal closed.
    Place Stool Collection inside the other Biohazard Bag and seal closed.
  • 3
    Mail in your samples
    within 48 hours.
    Place both Biohazard Bags into the Air Mail Bag, prepaid label is on back.
    Return the Air Mail Bag via USPS.
    Keep tracking number for your records.
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